Established in 1990, Hikari Automation Systems is a leading automation devices and components provider in Singapore that boasts a long-standing reputation in the region. With support from key principals, the company enjoys strong economies of scale in various sectors.

With products delivering cutting edge technology and its engineering expertise, Hikari Automation Systems is able to provide a one-stop solution to all customers. Our strong infrastructure systems also help to strengthen and optimize the company’s supply chain and business operations at all time.

Attaining ISO 9001 and implementing SAP Business One testifies to our commitment to service quality as well as first-rate logistics systems control.

Joseph Tan
Managing Director

“Service Excellence Is Hikari’s Highest Priority.”

At Hikari Automation Systems, we emphasize unity and teamwork so that we empower our customers to reach their goals. Every member of our team is highly skilled, service-oriented, and puts himself in the customer’s shoes.

We care for our customers by understanding their business, assessing what devices are demanded, and delivering top-notch solutions.

Service excellence is Hikari’s highest priority.

Our Mission

Hikari Automation Systems strives to provide excellent customer service by offering cost effective, professional ethnical support and prompt delivery.

Our Principles

Observing high standards of business conduct, we are constantly reminded to act with integrity and professionalism. While engaging in fair competition, we seize every opportunity to stand out from the crowd and achieve our true potential.

Our Partners

Through constructive and close relationships with our valued business partners, we are committed to deliver a welcoming experience to our customers. We aspire to provide reliable support to our customers so that they can always count on us whenever in need.

Attracting the right people, developing them and growing with them are our key approaches to talent management. By enhancing teamwork, cultivating open-mindedness, need inspiring innovation in our people, we hope to improve and progress as one.

Value-Added Services

We educate customers on the use of our high-performance devices and components. To increase awareness on our new products, we also organize product seminars and road shows. Firmly established in the factory automation sector, we have also ventured into building automation, maintaining a competitive edge in the region with our partners.


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